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The Recent Controversy over Taj Mahal and Its link to Hindusim..!

You all must have been seen this news crawling entire news media and social website about controversy over Taj Mahal.You can link this into many thing, whether to Yogi ji becoming CM of UP or rise of Hindutava in the country. 2 days back,Yogi Adityanath picked up the broom  as he arrived at the spectacular Taj Mahal in Agra amid a series of controversial statements by some leaders and ministers from his party, the BJP, against the 17th-century monument including denouncing it as "a blot on Indian culture". At a public meeting later, the 45-year-old Chief Minister, referring to the many statements around Taj and his Agra visit, said there was no need to go into who built Taj and why. "More important is that it was built by the blood and sweat of Indians," he said.
No BJP Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has ever visited the Taj, built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a tribute to his love for his queen, Mumtaz Mahal. Before he walked into the Taj complex where he spent 30 minutes, he swept a small area outside the Taj, wearing gloves and a baseball hat as part of a cleanliness campaign.
After being made Chief Minister, he had skipped the Taj Mahal when he visited Agra in May. In June, he said that miniature replicas of the Taj, offered often as gifts to foreign dignitaries, were inappropriate offerings because they are not representative of Indian heritage.
After the Taj did not feature in a document released by the UP government to highlight top tourist spots in the state, BJP leaders went on a verbal rampage against the Taj, with Sangeet Som, a lawmaker from the state, alleging it was built by "traitors" who wanted to eliminate all Hindus.
As the controversy surged, the Yogi, who is a priest from eastern Uttar Pradesh, told reporters it had been built with "the sweat and blood" of Indians and and his visit to the monument was promptly scheduled.
 the controversy started from this picture, A kalash like structure which is at the top of taj, and some matching drawing on the wall of Taj from Hindu scriptures. Now it's up-to you reader to decide what it is....!!!
The opposition has described the commentary of the BJP leaders against the Taj, one of the seven wonders of the world, as designed to divide Hindus and Muslims in the country's most-populous state.
About four helipads have been readied across Agra for use by the Chief Minister's helicopter today.
The Chief Minister, who also addressed a public meeting later, spoke about the state's development plan for the city including a dam to tide over Agra's water shortage and the proposed international airport at Agra.
Yogi Adityanath also took a swipe at his political rivals for only treated Agra as a picnic spot. But they did little for the city, he said, promising to change this approach.
The row has worried thousands in Agra who depend on tourist arrivals to the western Uttar Pradesh city, a few hours away from the national capital. According to government statistics, every fourth foreign visitor to the country visits the Taj but there has been a decline in the number foreign tourists to the white marble mausoleum widely considered one of the world's seven wonders.

'Damage control' mission
The visit is seen by many as a damage control exercise after the eruption of a series of controversies, beginning with a tourism department booklet not mentioning the white marble monument in its list of development projects in the State.

Subsequently, BJP MLA Sangeet Som called Taj Mahal a “blot on Indian history” and BJP MP Vinay Katiyar said it was originally a Shiva temple.

However, at a recent rally in Gorakhpur, Mr. Adityanath called Taj Mahal the “pride of India” and referred to it as a “world class monument“.

This was a significant departure from his remarks at a rally in Bihar in 2016, when he said Taj Mahal does not represent Indian culture and that visiting foreign dignitaries should be presented with the Gita rather than replicas of the monument.

The Chief Minister had declared that the State government will spend ₹370 crore on development plans aimed at promoting tourism in Agra.

Along with the visit to Taj Mahal, Mr. Adityanath will inaugurate various development projects in Agra, according to an official spokesperson.

 You might remember, some days back, a pic got viral on social media questioning the love and dedication of Sahjaha , who built the taj.see the pic below and comment, what do you think on this issue.share this article on facebook and other social media with the link given below.

news source-zee news,image credit-google 

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