Thursday, 28 September 2017

What to do with this Man.? Rahul’s image problem is something that won’t go away easily.!

In a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi cited yoga to highlight his point. He stated that on Yoga Day he saw the PM perform different asanas but was surprised by the latter’s inability to do the basic padmasana properly. “I’ve done some yoga. Admittedly, I’m not very good at it, but my yoga guru used to tell me that if you practise yoga regularly, you can very easily do the padmasana. The converse though isn’t true. Anyone who doesn’t do yoga regularly can’t do the padmasana,” Rahul elaborated.

Rahul’s larger point was that Modi is insincere in his efforts. That the PM says he wants to transform the nation, but ends up failing to get even the basics right. First of all, as far as Rahul metaphors go, one must admit that this one isn’t too bad. Coming at a time when the government’s demonetisation exercise has been questioned by several quarters – both domestically and from abroad – the yoga metaphor of having the right intention but not being able to do a basic asana fits perfectly. After all, the growing consensus is that demonetisation may have been a good idea, but it was executed poorly and without proper planning.
In fact, this is a recurrent trope with this government. It wants to have bullet trains but can’t seem to prevent railway accidents due to poor track maintenance. It wants to provide the armed forces with state-of-art weaponry but can’t seem to be able to supply proper rations to the jawans. It wants a Blue Water navy, but has warships keeling over in its dockyards. It wants a digital economy, but is yet to ensure 24×7 uninterrupted power supply to each and every village in the country. Thus, Rahul’s padmasana jibe sticks well.
That said, the thing with Rahul is that he suffers from an image problem. The “pappu” tag continues to dog him. Hence, anything he says, even if sensible, doesn’t have the intended impact. His critics can simply call him “pappu” to undermine his point and divert attention from the content of his speech. In fact, this is even reflected in popular political cartoons where he is usually depicted as a clueless adolescent.
But to get out of this image problem, Rahul must persevere. If he continues to make intelligent statements, irrespective of the criticism, there will come a time when people will start taking him seriously. But for that to happen he needs to be consistent and on point. And over a period time people themselves will get tired of the pappu trope and change their perception about Rahul. When or if that will happen is something that’s entirely up to Rahul himself.

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DISCLAIMER: - I’m sure that these all funny memes will make you laugh. Here one thing i wanna tell you that THERANDOMLESSON doesn’t want to hurt the feeling of anyone. It is just for fun.

I’m sure that these all funny memes will make you laugh. Here one thing i wanna tell you that  THERANDOMLESSON doesn’t want to hurt the feeling of anyone. It is just for fun.

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