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Nokia is back with NOKIA 6, But will it be successful in Regaining it's market value, can't say.!

There are a lot of phones in the Nokia 6’s price range now, and many of them share the same basic specs. The 6 doesn’t veer too far from the norm. Its 5.5-inch display is large and sharp enough, though not as bright or colorful as a more expensive device. It has 32GB of storage, a slot for a microSD card, and 3GB of RAM. The 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor is adequate for day-to-day use, but push the Nokia 6 hard with a lot of multitasking or gaming and you’ll see it show signs of struggle under the load. Similarly, the battery will last a full day for most people, but more demanding users will probably have to hit the charger in the evening.
The Nokia 6’s design also speaks to its budget positioning. It is a metal unibody phone, but the edges are sharp and blocky, and it doesn’t feel particularly polished or refined. The large bezels around the screen and Micro USB charging port give the whole experience a very 2015 vibe.

I never expect much from a phone’s camera at this price point, and the 6 doesn’t do anything to change that. The 16-megapixel camera is slow to launch and focus, and while it can take okay photos in good lighting, image quality falls apart in low lighting.

Most people will probably buy the Nokia 6 with Amazon’s experience, which saves
a not-insignificant $50 from the price of the phone for Prime members and brings along lock screen ads and Amazon’s suite of apps preinstalled.
The 10 preinstalled Amazon apps don’t bother me all that much. I’d be installing Amazon’s shopping app anyway, and if you’re a Prime member, the Photos, Prime Video, and Amazon Music apps are likely to be useful to you.
The most interesting thing about the Nokia 6, however, is its branding. To be clear, this is a "Nokia" device in name only: The actual Nokia still exists, but is out of the consumer phone business after a disastrous partnership with Microsoft earlier in the decade. Along with BlackBerry , it is one of the most famous casualties of Apple and Google's rise to dominance in the smartphone market.
HMD Global, which is headed by former Nokia execs, has steadily launched Nokia-branded phones around the world since acquiring the Nokia name last year. The idea is similar to what Chinese brand TCL has done with BlackBerry : use a once-dominant brand name to point eyeballs toward their own Android phones .
Some of those phones, like its remade Nokia 3310 feature phone , have been heavy on the nostalgia. Others, like the Nokia 6 here, look nothing like the colorful, blocky phones of Nokia Lumias past .
Either way, the phones aren't likely to be sales smashes: The vast majority of US smartphone shoppers still buy their phones through mobile carriers, and HMD Global is sticking strictly to Amazon here. Beyond that, the phone will only work fully on T-Mobile - AT&T only has partial LTE support, and Verizon and Sprint aren't supported whatsoever. Nevertheless, the Nokia 6 may be worth a look for Android enthusiasts on a budget.
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