Thursday, 28 September 2017

JioPhone comes with many ifs and buts, Top 10 points to keep in mind Before you Buy a Jiophone..!

 According to Jio, the JioPhone is now reaching people. Although, it is reaching people in smaller and rural India towns first so that is why you may not have got it, or may not know anyone right now who has got it. This is all according to Jio. But the company also says that in the next two weeks, it hopes to ship out at least 6 million JioPhone units, so if you have pre-booked it in August, you should get it soon enough. Hopefully.
Now, once you get it, you will have to use it according to Jio's rules. No, you can't put in the Airtel SIM in it. That was pretty clear anyways, but now Jio has updated its terms and conditions for the JioPhone to make a few other important points clear to consumers. So what are the JioPhone terms and conditions? In while, we explain.
The telecom company has updated its terms and conditions page and it is sure to give an uneasiness to many potential JioPhone buyers. The company has revealed that it may repossess the JioPhone if the  user fails to recharge the phone for a minimum value of Rs 1500 per annum for 3 years. The company would also levy 'early return charges' if the phone is returned within 3 years. But let's take it one by one.
1. The JioPhone comes with "early return" charges. This means buyer should expect the full-refund of the security deposit only after the completion of 36 months. User will be given 3-months window to hand over the phone to the company. The company states that the phone should be returned "on or after the expiry of thirty six months but before the expiry of thirty nine months from the date of first issue."
2. The security deposit would be forfeited if the phone is not returned within the 3-month window. "The Refundable Deposit shall stand forfeited on the expiry of the Return Period without any further notice to the Recipient," says the company.

3. JioPhone is locked to the Jio network which means only a Jio SIM in the phone and not any Airtel or Vodafone SIM. However, India Today Tech has learn that the JioPhone will not be locked to any particular Jio number as of now. This means that you can use any Jio SIM in the JioPhone. However, the company has also hinted that it may lock the phone to a particular number in future.

4. You won't be given any refund if you return your JioPhone within 12 months from the date of issuance of the phone. You'll be charged Rs 1000 plus applicable GST or other taxes if you return the phone after 12 months and before 24 months. It is Rs 500 if you after 24 months and up to 36 months from the date of first issue of the JioPhone.
5. The company says that returning the JioPhone does not cancel the recipient's service contract with the Jio. This means that you can continue using the Jio SIM that came along with the JioPhone.

6. Jio holds the right to repossess your JioPhone if you fail to recharge your number with a minimum value of Rs 1500 per annum for 3 years. This means that you have to spend a total of at least Rs 4500 on the JioPhone to use it.

7. Reliance Retail (RRL), which will sell Jio Phone, will have access to the device's "precise geo-location and other information related to your location on a regular basis through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals, calendar entries and other technologies and data." It seems that user consent will not be sought to collect this data when the person is using the device and there will be no way to turn off the tracking.

8. In case the JioPhone is repossessed by the company for not recharging with the stipulated amount as stated by the company, the user will also have to pay the early return charges. Also, users can't sell the JioPhone to someone else.

9. In case of repossession, users will be liable to pay the early return charges as set by the company.

10. Jio says that while returning the device, the users will have to ensure that the JioPhone is in working condition, undamaged, and doesn't have any user data on it.

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