Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Amma and baba Ramdev : A LESSON TO LEARN

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev visited Amma at Amritapuri on Monday. At Amma's request, Baba Ramdev spoke to the ashram residents and students of Amrita University about yoga and its health benefits, giving some amazing pranayama and yoga demonstrations.

Praising Amma's humanitarian works, Baba Ramdev said, "Amma talks little, but acts big. The problem today is that people talk a lot but don't act at all." He also shared that earlier he had asked Amma what he should do to help the future generations, and Amma had said that he should combine the ancient Indian sciences with modern science. "Amma wants spirituality and science to go hand in hand," Baba Ramdev said. He then said that he has already been putting efforts in this direction through his Ayurveda institute but that he would now go further with Amma’s blessings.
Baba Ramdev concluded by saying, "Here in Amritapuri there are no boundaries of language, caste, religion or anything. There is only oneness."

You will feel proud to know this, when baba Ramdev meets amma , he touched the feet of amma , actually he totlly bend down on hir knees, (sasstang pranam). By doing so , Baba Ramdev won the heart of many people again and proves that he is not like the so called fraud Baba of India but a true example of what a guru should be. he showed us, it doesn't matter how big u became , u should always respect other, be free from your EGO.

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